Vestcor Client Forum 2023

Financial Market Update - February 2023

Financial Market Update
2022 Year in Review

In advance of our upcoming client meetings, and in combination with the distribution of our year-end quarterly investment reports, the Vestcor senior investment team prepared an overview of how their particular asset classes performed during 2022.

2022 was a difficult year for diversified portfolio investors, with traditional 60/40 portfolios likely earning double digit negative returns. That said, our client Shared Risk and Target Benefit pension plans continued to generate long-term returns that have continued to exceed your investment objectives while remaining low risk.

Presented by:

Jon Spinney, Chief Investment Officer and VP Quantitative & Applied Research
Chris Cockeram, Sr Portfolio Manager – Fixed Income
Dan Goguen, VP Private Markets
Mark Holleran, VP Equity
Elizabeth-Anne McCleave, Manager Communications
John Sinclair, President and Chief Executive Officer