Vestcor Helps UNB Students Stay on the Cutting Edge of Quantitative Analysis Training

April 7, 2021

Students at UNB are being afforded the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in new analytical techniques used within the investment management industry thanks to a program developed in partnership with Vestcor.

UNB’s pioneering Master in Quantitative Investment Management (MQIM) program provides students with an intensive, one-year educational opportunity that provides them with the real-world skills they need to step directly into the field of quantitative analysis. These quantitative analysts work in parsing massive amounts of data to uncover trends that would otherwise go unnoticed in traditional investment research. These specialized skills have quickly made them essential to any serious investment management firm.

Jon Spinney, Chief Investment Officer at Vestcor and instructor with UNB’s MQIM program explained that Vestcor identified a gap in the traditional quantitative finance programs being offered, and worked with UNB to provide students with the opportunity to learn these skills.

Learn more about UNB’s MQIM program and Vestcor’s involvement with it here.