We’re Vestcor.

Who is Vestcor?

  • We are a New Brunswick based company owned by the New Brunswick Public Service Pension Plan and New Brunswick Teachers’ Pension Plan.
  • We provide investment management services and pension and employee benefits administration services.
    • We manage over $21 billion in assets on behalf of our clients.
    • We support over 106,000 plan members (pension and employee benefits).
    • We provide specialized services, including managing Shared Risk Plans which require a lower risk approach to investments to secure sustainability.
  • We are not-for-profit, allowing us to keep our management expenses significantly lower than that of our competitors.
  • We have an independent Board of Directors.
  • We are audited by an external third-party auditor annually, and share those results publicly within our annual reports.
  • We regularly report to Boards and Committees who represent our clients.
  • We are regulated by the NB Financial and Consumer Services Commission as both an investment fund manager and portfolio manager, as well as the Superintendent of Pensions.
  • We have a compensation program, developed with an external compensation/human resource consultant, which is in line with industry standards and supports us in hiring and retaining the specialized talent we need to meet our goals and objectives.
  • We are a partner in creating and delivering sustainable financial security.

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