Corporate Overview

Overall day-to-day management of Vestcor Inc. (jointly owned through Vestcor Corp.) is delegated to the President & Chief Executive Officer, while the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for corporate and financial matters, the Chief Pension and Benefits Operations Officer is responsible for pension and benefit administration matters, and the Chief Investment Officer is responsible for investment matters.

The Corporate Officers are:

  • Sean Hewitt – President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Brent Henry, CPA, CA – Chief Financial Officer
  • Jon Spinney, CFA – Chief Investment Officer
  • Marilyn McConnell, CPA, CGA – Chief Pensions and Benefits Officer
  • Jennie Noel-Theriault, GPC.D – Corporate Secretary
  • Ying Wu, CFA – Chief Compliance Officer – Investments
Strategic Plan

Vestcor’s mission is to provide innovative, cost effective, and prudent investment and benefit administration services that address the needs of public sector funds.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship and strategic direction of Vestcor. Among its duties are the establishment of the corporate mission, vision and values, and determination of a Five Year Strategic Plan.  Management is responsible to implement the Strategic Plan, and the Board oversees management’s annual business planning process designed to do so.

The focus of Vestcor’s previous strategic plan was the operational integration of VIMC and VPSC while continuing to provide successful service delivery to our public sector clients and providing for the continued growth of our business. Now after having successfully achieved our integration objectives, Vestcor’s Board of Directors and Management Team believe that our strategic intentions should focus on “Prudently growing our business model for the long-term benefit of our clients”.

The Five Year Strategic Plan consists of five key overall goals as well as strategies for reaching those goals.

Key Goals:

  1. To advance Vestcor’s governance, management and organizational effectiveness to support growth and sustainability.
  2. To advance our clients’ pension and benefit administration, and long-term investment management service needs through prudent risk focused practices and well executed service advancements.
  3. To define optimal ‘client experience’ and create systems to enable the consistent replication of this experience through growth cycles.
  4. To strengthen stakeholder relationships with shareholders, client trustees, plan members, employer groups and policy setters.
  5. To continue to invest in technology improvements aimed at enhancing our clients’ experience, providing more automated processing and reporting capabilities, expanding our data management strategy (investment & admin), all while also protecting privacy and minimizing cybersecurity risks.

To learn more about the Strategic Plan (2019-2024), including the organization’s vision and corporate values, view the Plan in its entirety.

Strategic Plan
Enterprise Risk Management Framework

Risk can be defined as the potential for loss caused by an event or series of events that can adversely affect the achievement of a company’s business objectives.

The mission of Vestcor is to provide innovative, cost effective, and prudent investment and benefit administration services that address the needs of public sector funds.

To achieve this mission, our business processes, whether they are strategically-focused, investment related or operational in nature, must continually balance risk and return.

Our enterprise risk management framework has been put in place to integrate strong corporate oversight with a series of well-defined, independent risk management systems and processes. Our risk management process involves the participation of the Vestcor Inc. Board, management team, and external service providers.

The following document presents our philosophy and approach to management of risk by identifying:

  • The types of risks we are facing in our normal business, pension administration and investment operations; and
  • Which parties are accountable for monitoring each risk type, while also outlining the means and timing through which we seek to measure and manage these risks.
Vestcor Enterprise Risk Management Framework
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The basic responsibility of all employees and directors is to act in the best interest of Vestcor in directing its affairs, and to do so within applicable laws, regulations, and codes. Vestcor’s directors, officers, and employees have a relationship of trust with our clients and stakeholders.

The Board of Directors, through its Governance Committee, is responsible for approving the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that governs the ethical affairs of the corporation. Directors and employees must annually acknowledge understanding and compliance with the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

For a copy of the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct policy, please see below.

Vestcor Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Careers with Vestcor

Vestcor is continuously interested in attracting the very best talent in the Canadian pension and investment management industry.  View our current career opportunities here.